Chic Papoose BABY Slings Chic Papoose BABY Slings Chic Papoose BABY Slings
Chic Papoose BABY Slings
Chic Papoose BABY Slings
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Chic Papoose BABY Slings
Chic Papoose BABY Slings Chic Papoose BABY Slings Chic Papoose BABY Slings

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Chic Papoose baby slings were a huge success, with many stars wearing them around the event, and people coming in our suite to inquire about "those baby slings everyone is wearing". The 2008 Boom Boom Room was sponsored by Crayola, Mattel and Kane Miller Publishing and benefitted the Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund.

Hollywood has baby fever and this exciting, invitation-only gifting event brought celebrity families to the Century Plaza Hotel to see the best products for babies, families and kids. This two day event was one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood with stars choosing to visit the Boom Boom Room over other high profile swag suites.

Celebrities loved our styles, the "Alex", "Johanna" and "Celeste" in particular. Other popular styles were "Kristin", Gwen" and "Christopher".

They particularly loved the ease in which they can use our slings. Once they received their size they couldn't believe how easy it was to wear since our slings do not require straps, snaps or complicated sizing.

More than a few declared "WOW, that's it? I love it." Mothers who brought children were especially appreciative of our slings as it gave them the much needed comfort and support they needed while looking around the event. Several of them wore them throughout the day.

Attendees were also surprised and happy to discover that because of our high quality construction and two layers of durable fabric our slings can support children up to 35 pounds. Our slings came in very handy when several children were getting tired and their mothers arms ached.


Leah Remini's assistant carried her baby in the "Celeste" sling throughout the event and "couldn't believe how comfortable" it was. The baby, that had been squirmy all day, slept happily in our sling and allowed Leah and her assistant to shop easily the rest of the day.

Elizabeth Rohm was very enthusiastic about using a sling with her baby and really loved the "Alex" style. She thought our fabrics were "amazing" and thought the fact that they were reversible was "great" so she could wear it with anything.

Jayneoni herself declared "everyone's wearing your slings!"

Christie Lynn Smith and John Fortson each chose a sling and Christie looked forward to wearing her hawaiian inspired print, "Christopher", on vacation .

Kelly Hu wore a "Kristin" sling with her dog and said it was "amazingly comfortable" and said she would be using this "all the time".

Renee Sloan Baio chose the "Ryann" style for baby Bailey.

Mandy, the wife of actor Louis Lombardi easily placed baby Ava in the sling and walked around the rest of the event with Ava sitting comfortably astride her hip, she chose a "Kristin".

Ryan Newman (plays the young Miley on Hannah Montana) chose a delicate toile print named "Polly" for her American Girl doll.

Stayed tuned for more details to come.......... additional photos and highlights....

Chic Papoose BABY Slings
Chic Papoose BABY Slings
Chic Papoose BABY Slings

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